MGM Springfield’s stadium casino

As the young player gets more and more elusive for the premier casinos and gaming operators, some of them, at least the smart-run ones, have continued to make changes that would bring the elusive millennial back to the ‘’playing field’’, so to speak. In that attempt, MGM Springfield has officially premiered a multi-terminal stadium gaming facility that offers, amongst many others, roulette, blackjack, and slots.

The Republican newspaper has provided a report detailing all the particularities of the new innovation, as per Jim Murren’s’, the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer for MGM Resorts Internationals public statements. The marking of Springfields’ first birthday was done via a traditional spinning of the roulette wheel. AS MGM is one of the most recognized brands on the planet, not to mention a huge player in the sporting events-entertainment sector, this move might just mean that they are moving into monopolizing the gaming sector as well.

MGM’s Springfield’s Gaming Operations Vice-President, Robert Westerfield, has allegedly publicly declared to the newspaper that the gaming attraction will be the stadium which is located in a very high-profile, high-traffic area adjacent to the property’s cashier and that it allows experts and professional users to use computer screens on each one of its terminals to enjoy single games or all four simultaneously. Even more so, he detailed that these competitions feature live dealers but are more expensive and run faster than usual because all processes are automated.

The CEO told The Republican that the new project may also help MGM Springfield increase its revenue from gaming, as it provides huge ranges of play for different types of players, from penny players to high-rollers to serious, veteran players. Murrens belies that the allure the MGM brand has will bring even more action in a sector that is overpopulated as it is but could surely benefit from a new breath of fresh air.

Opened by Las Vegas-headquartered MGM resorts internationally in the late stages of August, MGM Springfield’s main jewel was a 125,000 sq ft casino floor hosting thousands of slots and dozens of blackjack and roulette tables. Initially, the investors and owners hoped that the $960 million facilities would brink in about half of the initial investment in the first year, but so far the investment got recouped only in a 25% amount.

Maverick Gaming purchase Wizards Casino

One of USA’s biggest casino operators has announced the definitive and total purchase of western Washington’s Wizards Casino. The amount for which the purchase has been given a green light is still undisclosed and will be later announced.

The deals are expected to be finalized by the end of September, pending the approval from Washington’s State Gambling Commission. The funding needed to purchase the casino, as well as the cash needed to continue to finance the day-to-day operations will be provided by HG Vora Capital Management. Maverick Gaming’s latest purchase is just another nudge on its belt, as the group holds no less than 17 gambling establishments. Its portfolio is contained of such names as Red Garter Hotel and Casino, Red Lion Casino, Wendover Nugget Hotel and Casino and many other gambling operations that function under Gambling Commission law.

In total, the Maverick Gaming group runs over 1,500 slots and 225 gaming tables, not to mention tournament and lobby types of games like poker.

Established by industry veterans like Justin Beltram and Eric Persson, the enterprise, that additionally operates the Gold Country Casino and Hotel in California, owns more than 1,200 hotel rooms and dozens of VIP and special rooms for betting and other complementary activities.

AS per Persson’s own statements, the direction of the new casino will be rooted deep into the suburbs of Seattle, a location they want to concentrate on going forward.

“Today we continue our commitment to the state of Washington and the cardroom industry. Wizards Casino is located in a suburb of Seattle and once again our footprint grows in this important market.”

Sportsbetting push:

At the same time as revealing the arrangement to purchase the Burien-based casino, Maverick Gaming used the press release to state that it has hopes of being able to acquire four additional Washington cardrooms in addition to ‘another property in Nevada’ by the end of September to help fulfill a goal of having an eventual portfolio of ‘31 casinos in multiple states and jurisdictions.’ From here, it is widely believed that the firm will lobby for the right to bring commercial sports betting to ‘The Evergreen State’ in hopes of heading off expected competition from venues in neighboring Oregon, which is close to premiering such services.

Persson’s added…

“As our footprint grows in Washington, we are very interested in helping the state see the potential tax revenue sports wagering can generate for Washingtonians, which we estimate if done right can be in excess of $50 million annually. We believe our geographic diversity coupled with our sports betting expertise make our properties natural partners with the state in sports wagering.”