Hard Rock Casino in Vegas rebranded – will be reborn as Virgin Hotels Casino

The world-renowned Hard Rock symbol will flash no more in Las Vegas, as it will be rebranded as Virgin’s Hotel Casino in about a year. During the renovation process that will take at least 8 months, the owners considered that shutting down the hotel completely would be the best course of action. Hard Rock will officially close immediately after the 2020 SuperBowl on February 2 and will reopen as Virgin Hotels in late 2020, early 2021.

Closure and Rebranding

Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Las Vegas was first introduced to the public back in 1995 as a joint venture of Harveys Lake Tahoe and Peter Morton, the founder of Hard Rock Caffe. In 1999, Morton bought the company and continued to expand far beyond the scope of the initial plan, making use of his sole ownership status. AS it is current, the property includes a 1,503-room hotel, 30,000-square-foot casino, nightclubs, live music venues, and a Tahitian-style beach and swimming pools, including a swim-up card table.

Morgans Hotel group purchased the hotel in 2006 and the use of the Hard Rock brand name in the Western U.S. The Seminole Tribe of Florida, owner of Hard Rock International, operates the global café and hotel franchises.

In order for the transition to be as smooth and as painless as it could it possibly be, a big part of the hotels’ cohort will remain operable. When it comes to the resort in question, however, the owners have decided to close it off completely during the renovation, accepting the subsequent loss of revenue. Richard Bosworth, JC Hospitality CEO declared at a show on ABC, “We determined that a phased closing of four months, followed by total closure of four months was not efficient from a construction process nor could we provide a hospitality service experience our guests deserve.”

Meet the new owners

You would have to do some thorough searching in order to find something that Richard Branson hasn’t got his hands in. From records, books, mobile, sports, holidays, airplanes, and space travel, and more, the Richard Branson-owned Virgin group has a stake in everything under the sun, and it plans to keep expanding also. Probably the craziest business they continue to invest in is space travel, as Virgin Galactic aims to make travel affordable for everyone. Yes, you heard that right; if Richard Branson has his way, you’ll be hooping in on spaceships like you’re doing it with the train or bus. So far, only a few celebrities have paid the $250,000 ticket price in advance—and no commercial flights yet.

As per his public comments, he decided to go with ‘’Virgin’’ Group because he was a business virgin late in the 70s when his ascension first began. According to the extravagant owner and future space travel merchant, the name surprisingly stuck with the public, although he did not have high expectations. Having a stake in almost every business in the world, or in most of them in any case, Virgin Group seems to try to move into uncharted territories. For a more down-to-earth investment ( every particle of the pun intended), Branson decided to go with casinos, but starting from scratch was not an option for him, apparently.

With Virgin;’s experience in music and entertainment and Hard Rock’s brand image of a wild, fun, rock n roll lifestyle, this seems to be a match made in Heaven.


CEO Richard Bosworth said he wants to see the employees return, saying “Those employees will all be recalled,” Boz said. “The ownership group is paying for them to return, and we want them to return.”

Although Branson is British, he must accept the realities of the American working class. During the 8-month hiatus inactivity, it is more than highly unlikely that the employees will just wait to return to the newly-branded Virgin Casino, and not jump ship faster than the middle-class men in Titanic. The good news, however and at least for the consumer and visitor, is that Hard Rock and Virgin group will bring much-needed reform and breath of fresh air to a strip that seems to be more and more crowded, and not always in a good way. For the employees that are left without an option, the horde of other hotels and casinos ensure that they rarely can go unemployed.

Ensuring job security for all dealers, cooks, hotel staff, and the thousands of other people who keep the hospitality service of the visitors on the rails is something that Richard Branson will hopefully have in mind when planning to expand his casino empire; make no mistake about it, he will.