American gambling destinations and their regulations

The American continent is a highly popular destination for tourism. Individuals or groups from around the world travel to the Americas, and it’s no surprise since you can find here some of the greatest beaches in the world, rainforests, remains of ancient civilizations and incredible cultures.

Much has changed in the past 2 decades, as people started to travel more and more, the internet era opened the opportunity to research where you want to spend your holiday and the airlines expanded their flight routes. This vast continent is a dream destination for all sorts of travellers, from the frozen landscapes of Alaska to the Amazon and all the way down to the South Pole you can find almost all the landscapes on earth, plants, flowers and fauna. Not to mention amazing cultures and ancient sites.

However, we have seen an increase in another type of tourism as well, the gambling one. And, as everyone might recognize gambling destinations such as Las Vegas, Macau or Monaco, there are lots of other often ignored destinations to gamble in the Americas. These cities are spread across the entire continent and are accessible to Canadian players, more than those in Europe or Asia. From the ones in Canada to the U.S. and South America, we’ve reviewed all the best gambling destinations of the new world. And their regulations.

Gambling is quite popular throughout the continent, even if it might be different compared to other parts of the world. It is a rich entertainment source for both tourists and locals but also provides the premises for social activism, educationally programmed and other things. Therefore you, as a tourist, can either engage the gambling activities in your itinerary or plan your holiday around this activity.

Starting from the best destinations for gambling in Canada, to suit the proximity of our Canadian players, down to the South American destinations, we have created the perfect guide for your gambling holiday. So, let’s see which are our show stoppers!

Canadian gambling destinations

Windsor Casino, Ontario

Bordering the Great Lakes, Michigan and Detroit, Windsor offers connections to both Canada and the United States when it comes to travelling for gambling. It is also home to the famous Caesars Windsor Hotel and Casino, one of the most visited and appreciated casinos in Canada. The Caesars Windsor offers everything you need, from accommodation to entertainment and gambling fun, with up to 800 rooms and suites. There are also high-class restaurants, bars, lounges and many more. And the resort is fitted for the needs of all sorts of travellers, from families to high-rollers, VIP facilities and everything one might think of. You can enjoy casino table games, a poker room and lots of slot machines.

Niagara Casino, Ontario

Another top best casino in Canada is the Casino Niagara, situated in Ontario. Established in 1996 as a brick and mortar casinos, it offers both history and gambling experience to suit even the most demanding tastes. It features over 13.000 slot machines of all sorts and 30 gambling tables and also a poker room. In addition, Casino Niagara displays a multi-purpose sports section which attracts seasoned punters and new players alike. In terms of accommodation, this casino has 4 famous restaurants which offer live entertainment.

Casino de Montreal, Quebec

One of the largest land-based casinos in Canada, Casino de Montreal sits on the Notre Dam of Montreal banks and has approximately 18.000 visitors each day. With over 100 gaming tables spread across 4 gourmet casinos, this establishment perfectly mixes gambling with high cuisine to complete an extraordinary experience.

River Cree Resort and Casino, Alberta

The first casino established in Alberts, the River Cree Resort and Casino offers a diverse assortment of over 1.100 slot machines, 39 casino tables and a poker room. These are the reasons it is considered one of the best casinos in Alberts, also offering a fee-free membership card. In order to expend your card validity, all you have to do is earn points by visiting the casino as often as possible. You can also enjoy tournaments when visiting this casino.

St. Eugene Golf Resort Casino, British Columbia

St. Eugene Golf Resort Casino is a quite good-looking establishment, set in the beautiful scenery, with mountains on the horizon. The casino is found in a huge mansion, offering 240 slot machines and 4 table games. And the best part is that is open 24/7. St. Eugene is the perfect destination for a gambling holiday, offering a lush experience, which makes it one of the most visited casinos in all Canada. You can also enjoy a service lobby and an off-tracking betting room.

Less known United States gambling destinations

Tunica and the Gulf Coast, Mississippi

Tunica is a gambling destination in the United States less known by tourists.  However, it is quite popular among locals, as gambling is illegal in the neighbouring Alabama and Tennessee states. It has 821 million dollars in annual gambling revenue, so if you prefer to get off the beaten track and gamble in less crowded destinations, Tunica is one of them!

The gulf coast casinos were severely damages after hurricane Katrina and gambling has not been the interesting point in that area for quite a while. But now things changed and the casinos have been rebuilt. You can indulge in your favourite game in the Gulfport and Bay St. Louis or the Biloxi famous casinos.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Philly is one of the cities in the United States to offer everything a gambler can search for. It is home for famous casinos such as Parx Casino, Harrah’s and Sugar House Casino. You can indulge in traditional casinos games, such as table games of all sorts and slot machines, but Philadelphia is also famous for its horse races. These also account for a large part of its gambling revenue.

The Great Lakes area

You might have heard about the economic difficulties with which Detroit has struggled over the past decade. Even so, there remained some industries which were not affected by these difficulties, and the gambling industry is one of them. So, you can still enjoy some great fun in Detroit.

In the greater Chicago area, you can find more than 12 casinos fitted for both locals and tourists. Each and every one offers all sorts of casinos games, slot machines and overall great entertainment, so you might think about including Chicago on your gambling destinations map.

South American gambling destinations


The gambling industry in Argentina is thriving due to its laid-back laws which determine a pleasant gambling culture. It welcomes and entertained both locals and tourists, so its definitely one gambling destination to check. One of the countries in the southern hemisphere to have a large number of casinos, a total of 79 to be exact, Argentina offers big casino experiences, as well as local and cosier establishments where you can find bingo rooms and even arcade games.

Some of the largest casinos in Argentina are found in the Buenos Aires capital, home to the Casino Buenos Aires. This colossal establishment was launched in 1999 and provides over 40.000 square meters of fun!

Another impressive casino in Argentina is also the Trilenium Casino. It is not only the largest in South America but also one of the best ones on the continent. You can enjoy the both of roulette assortments, an impressive slot machine array, poker, blackjack, baccarat and punto banco.

Head to Rosario if you are into the carnival and cultural themed gambling experience. The City Center Rosario Casino and Resort is an award-winning casino which offers the best of both worlds. Your gambling experience will be enhanced with a carnival atmosphere, a fun cocktail to indulge in. Besides that, you’ll find the true Argentinian taste in some of the best steaks in the world, the sound of flaming love in the Tango beats and real Latino American spirit.


Over the past 2 decades, gambling has gained more and more popularity in Peru. Even though gambling remains unlicensed or in the grey area, it hasn’t stopped the locals to indulge in such activities.

The country itself holds plenty of adventures, from the Lake Titicaca to the lost city of Machu Picchu, all the way to the Amazon rainforest. Thrill seekers will find all the adventures they desire, and they will do so with gambling as well.

You can find lots of gambling entertainment in Lima, the capital city. The Atlantic City Casino is comparable in size and quality to the casinos in Las Vegas. It offers roulette table games, blackjack and poker, as well as over 500 slot machines, all displayed over 3.000 square meters. The flashy atmosphere is extraordinary, but you will find a quite intimate and familiar vibe to the casino, despite its size.

You also have the chance to indulge in all sorts of quality food in the casino’s large restaurant selection. Therefore, you have the chance to try the local cuisine to make your taste buds happy and tingling.


Gambling is illegal in Brazil, but the locals are known to indulge in underground casinos or bingo houses. However, we do not recommend such activities for you as a tourist. At the moment, the country holds discussions about how the gambling industry future will look like, but so far you cannot find brick and mortar casinos in the large cities or in the beach destinations.

This being said, you, as a tourist, can indulge in your favourite games should you want, but only online. As you will not find local online casinos or licenced in Brazil, you can turn to internationally licenced ones. All you need is a good internet connection and some spare time.


Locals in Mexico are quite involved in gambling. It has been found that gambling dates back from the Aztec period, and was also seen to be part of the Mexican culture from the French colonization attempt, in the 19th century.

The biggest casinos are found in famous beach destinations, such as Cancun and Acapulco. As you might have guessed so far, gambling is completely legal in Mexico and they are striving to attract tourists. For example, The Dubai Palace and the PlayCity casinos in Cancun are American-styled to appeal to travellers from the United States.

Moreover, if you travel to Monterrey, you will discover a true gambler’s paradise: over 15 casinos and all sorts of gambling establishments around the city. The biggest casinos are the Jubilee Casino and the Casino de Monterrey. We advise precaution when you gamble large sums of money, as even though Mexico is rather safe in the tourist areas, you can never be too careful.

Mexico is perfect for a gambling holiday, as well as for a holiday during which you can also gamble. You get the best of both worlds, warm weather all year round, exotic beaches and great food, as well as some extraordinary gambling hot spots with casinos that offer all sorts of games. You can never go wrong with Mexico, but you should know that it might get pretty crowded in the season peak periods, so if you want to gamble peacefully, you might want to look into the gambling destinations mentioned above.