All-time favourite movie-themed online slots

One of the all-time favourite online slot categories out there is the movie inspired one. And it is in our top as well. We, the players, are the lucky ones, as we benefit from the strive of software developers in trying to offer us some of the most famous titles ever.

There are some igaming companies which became famous for offering licenced titles, such as IGT, but there are also others who were a bit late to the party, but managed to add some new favourite titles to the portfolio.

No matter when the software developer companies joined this segment, they managed to catch up and add to the movie-themed online slots we all see today. Some of these games were released some years ago but remained in the top of the players’ preferences, and some that are newer and based on recent movies or TVG series which we came to love immediately.

IGT is one of the first players in the igaming industry to offer players movie-themed online slot games and holds probably the most impressive portfolio out there. The Ghostbusters online slot in their portfolio is a great recommendation to try out, best illustrating what the company can do with a licenced name.

Ghostbusters is a great example of the company’s movie-gaming crossovers, being impressive from the very start. Another good example is the Star Trek slot series, a beautiful collection of games inspired by the cinema.

PlayTech is another software developer company to consider if you like film or TV series inspired slots. Fans around the world fell in love with their Marvel slot series. These games offer incredible graphics and soundtracks, as well as videos from the movie integrated into the slots. PlayTech also integrated progressive jackpots in the Marvel online slot series, making them even more appealing for gamblers. And the jackpots are triggered randomly, offering each an every one of us the chance to win life-changing prizes.

But the Marvel series is not the only great online slots the company offers. Its portfolio includes famous names such as Rocky, The Mummy and Gladiator. Rocky is created after the movie featuring the famous boxer Rocky Balboa. The action also includes his opponents, Apollo Creed, Clubber Lang and Ivan Drago. Besides the multipliers and free spins round, the game offers a knockout bonus feature which is the game’s particularity.

Gladiator is an online slot which will take you right into the film’s action and offer 2 bonus games. The Mummy features impressive graphics which are sure to keep you on the edge of your seat while you spin the reels and discover the story’s characters.

Another software provider company with great movie-themed online slots under its belt is Microgaming. Some of its most famous names include The Dark Knight Rises, Jurassic Park and Terminator 2. What makes these games remarkable is the graphics they feature, the characters from the movies and the game play. But there are also special features and bonuses to help you boost your payouts.

There are also online slots to present the classic cinema films, some which include Marilyn Monroe. John Wayne of James Dean. And besides their fantastic graphics, these games also come with impressive soundtracks. Some of the online slots inspired by Hollywood’s golden age are Silent Movie and Golden Era.

There are also some great games inspired by TV series, such as Star Trek, Little Britain, South Park: Reel Chaos, The Sopranos, CSI or Beverly Hills 90210. Needless to say, the more recent Game of Thrones. You will enjoy exciting graphics and real scenes from the TV series.

Best movie-themes online slots

1.Game of Thrones online slot

Microgaming added to its portfolio may be the most-watched TV series of all times, the Game of Thrones online slot. The game unfolds over 5 reels and features 243 ways to win, with some great special features to add to your payouts.

The symbols complete the theme and they include playing card icons, from Jack to Ace, the emblems of the most important houses and other related elements. The game’s logo will appear stacked and you will also benefit from the action of a wild card. The scatter symbol is represented by the throne icons, responsible for triggering the free spins bonus round. You will need 3 matching scatters to activate this bonus round.

Each of the houses in this game will reward you with a specific spin bonus round. The Lannister house will offer 10 free spins with a 4x multiplier, plus additional 4 stacked house symbols. House Baratheon will offer 8 free spins with a 5x multiplier and 3 stacked house icons. Houses Targaryen and Stark also offer free spins, multipliers and stacked symbols combinations.

The base game in Game of Thrones online slot features clips from the TV series, making the experience that much more interesting. Packed with action, this online slot has all the ingredients to become an instant success, and judging by the way it looks, Microgaming led us to think we can expect a sequel in which the series’ characters will be involved.

2.Dirty Dancing online slot

Dirty Dancing is one of the greatest love stories which have been put on the set. And it is the reason why the online slot with the same name, created by PlayTech, has been such a success. Put your dancing shoes and start playing this game with the film’s famous characters: Baby, Penny and Jonny.

Make sure you indulge in all that glitter as you will encounter lots of elements related to the film. There are also 3 mystery features which will be activated randomly and you will get to see Baby and Jonny dance across the reels during the Whirling Wilds feature. And you will benefit from 6 extra wild icons in any position. The Dirty Dancing called bonus will offer you the chance to pick a surprise prize.

There are also free spins available, in the Mambo bonus. During this round, you will have the chance to spin the game’s wheel for extra free spins, multipliers, added modifiers or dancing wild icons.

We loved the hot action in this game, and the experience it offers makes the game worth it.

3.Top Gun online slot

The all-time favourite Top Gun movie is recreated in an online slot with 5 reels. This game offers fans, and not only, lots of fun elements, an action-packed game play and a timeless soundtrack. Created by PlayTech, Top Gun online slot has some high-quality graphics and exciting features to keep you spinning the reels a long time.

You will meet the movie’s famous characters: Jester, Charlie, Goose, Iceman and Stinger. But you will not see Tom Cruise’s Maverick character in this game, and it is because image right we presume.

The game’s experience is enhanced by the famous ‘Take my breath away’ song which you will see as a soundtrack while you spin the reels.

The feature you will want to be on a lookout for is the Dogfight wild icons. When you land these symbols, your wingman will join in to add even more wild icons on the reels. You can have between 1 and 15 extra wilds added each spin, creating more winning possibilities for you. And these wilds are also available during the free spins bonus round, called Danger Zone.

4.Jurassic Park

Microgaming managed to transform Steven Spielberg’s Jurassic Park into a massively successful online slot. The game offers the same engaging storyline and the characters we have come to know, all wrapped in wonderful graphics to immerse you into the action.

The game play comes packed with action and thrill, just as the movie does, and the overall experience is enhanced by the Parallax scrolling effect which is inserted into the game.

Furthermore, Jurassic Park offers no less than 5 bonus rounds, all based on free spins. Each free spins bonus round is named after one dinosaur and has its particularities, with the possibility to include running wild icons and multipliers.

There are also special features involved, the first one being the wild symbols represented by the Jurassic Park logo. There is also a feature called T-Rex Alert which gets randomly triggered and can add up to 35 extra wild icons on the reels for 6 spins. This is a great feature to boost your winning chances.

Jurassic Park online slot is a must-spin, featuring high-end graphics and a game play full of action, needless to say about its awesome features.

5.Gladiator Jackpot online slot

Gladiator Jackpot is an online slot based on the movie in which Russell Crowe stars, Gladiator. The Roman general called Maximus gets betrayed and his family is murdered, so he returns to Rome to take the role of a gladiator who plans his revenge on the corrupt son of the emperor.

PlayTech created this online slot, based on the 5 times Oscar-winning movie, with a 5 reels structure which develops a total of 25 pay lines. Get right in the middle of the arena with some of the movie’s epic characters: Juba, Gracchus, Lucilla and Commodus. The authentic soundtrack of this game, as well as its original movie clips all everything the slot,  need to have a complete theme.

There is a bonus feature called the Coliseum Bonus, which is, in fact, a ‘pick me’ game. You have the chance to win free spins, multipliers, scatter symbols or extra wild icons. But the main focus is on the game’s jackpot feature.

The Gladiator progressive feature can be triggered by landing 9 gold helmets in one spin!

6. Man of Steel online slot

PlayTech offered us a DC Super Heroes slot series with lots of exciting game, among which Man of Steel is found. Based on the movie with the same name and having Superman as the main character, the game is all about the origins of the alien hero.

The game features amazing graphics, highlighted by lots of details and vivid colours, all wrapped up in an intense soundtrack. The game looks so good that the characters seem to be the real-life actors. Superman and his arch-enemy are present on the reels, as well as other characters from the famous film: Martha and Jonathan Kent, Perry White.

Man of Steel is not only about the looks, but also offers some great features: the World Engine bonus game, the Krypton free spins bonus round, shifting wild symbols, Battle for the Earth free games.

The game has another particularity: during the base game, it offers a total of 25 pay lines, but they extend to 50 during the Krypton free spins bonus round. These extra 25 pay lines come with higher-paying icons and extra 10 wild symbols which are locked. And every spin is a chance to reach the game’s jackpot, with the possibility to get one of the 4 mystery progressive jackpots.