10 best reasons to play online slots

We love slots. And we would even drive to long distances to play them, go through all that hustle and bustle for our favourite pastime. But, can we have the same fun and exciting experience without having to spend time and money to go to brick and mortar casinos and play there? Can we have the real deal experience when playing online slots?

Yes! We believe, and can offer solid arguments, that online slots have some great benefits, while offering great fun. This is the reason why we have completed a 10 reasons list of why you should play online slots. And maybe play only online slots, but that’s for you to decide after you go through our list of reasons.

Canada has a long gambling history; this pastime being brought to the land by the first French settlers. It was all fun and games until 1892 when gambling was completely banned in all provinces. Since that time, the restrictions were gradually lifted by the government and the industry started to regulated. Gambling started to be allowed on a small scale in order to help certain charity events, which led the Criminal Code amendment in 1969 to offer provincial governments the chance to run local lotteries.

Then, in 1970, the province of Quebec established 2 Crown corporations to supervise horse racing and lotteries, which was most welcomed by the Quebec citizens as they strived to legalise gambling. The success of Quebec rolled into the other provinces and let to the Western Canadian Lottery Foundation.

Casino gambling kept the pace with the lottery industry and is now legal in all provinces, except Labrador, Newfoundland, Prince Edward Island and New Brunswick. The Slot Machine and Video Lottery Terminals is the legal document which specifies the specific legal directions in individual provinces.

The gambling industry in Canada has known impressive growth since it started to slowly be regulated and allowed and is continuously striving. PlayNow was the first online casino in Canada and was available to British Columbia residents. The Kahnawake First Nations in Quebec managed to take the position of a sovereign nation and offered its own gambling legislation. This was quite permissive, as they have today around 350 gambling websites.

All these regulations made gambling not only possible and legal but an industry which has lots of fans and contributes to the government’s income through taxes. So, everybody is gaining something over this, be it an income, taxes or just lots of fun.

But which are the most sought-after games for Canadians? As our research has shown, Canadian players love to indulge in all sorts of gambling, but they are always seeking for slot machines. These seem to be most popular in land-based casinos, as well as in online casinos. Which led us to believe that there are plenty of reasons, at least 10, for you to choose online slots over land-based ones.

Online slots variety

When it comes to slots, there is a generous variety in terms of structure, graphics and gameplay to choose from. The classic slot machines usually have only 3 reels and their symbols include fruit, mostly cherries, and number 7s. These are quite straightforward and easy to play, with only 1 pay line.

Opposite to the classic slot machines are the video slots, the modern version. These have a more complex structure, with 5 to 9 reels, multiple pay lines and an overall more complex gameplay. The video slots are also responsible for some of the greatest features we see today, including scatter and wild symbols, free spins and others. All these features also created the chance for you to win through multiple combinations.

Video slots are one of the most sought-after categories in the online gambling industry. But the progressive jackpot ones are even more desirable. The progressive jackpot is continuously growing in sum, as a percentage of every player’s wager goes to it until someone wins it with the perfect symbol combinations. The progressive jackpot is then reset and will continue to grow.

The 3D online slots are, in our opinion, the most entertaining ones. These sport awesome designs, cool graphics and some great themes, in most cases. These are so well designed that they create real immersive stories in which you can indulge for hours.

Nowadays, most online slots do not require any software download, which is great as they do not take up your device’s memory. Online slots can be played live on the casino’s website. In additions, most casinos and most online slots are optimised across devices, so you can play from your desktop, tablet or mobile and enjoy the same exciting experience.

Why play online slots in Canada?

Whether you play land-based or online pokies, you are certain to have a great time. However, we have found that there are some significant advantages when playing slots online, which make things more comfortable and convenient for you. Online slots are definitely offering great entertainment and they do it from the intimacy of your home, on the go or literally everywhere you might think of. Another advantage is the fact you save up money, and time, while still enjoying the real-deal experience.

1. Accessibility

With the optimization across devices, from desktop to tablet and mobile, you can now play whenever and wherever you feel like. Therefore, you have the chance to spin the reels on your favourite online slot during your lunch break, when you are stuck in traffic (but not when you actually driving, of course), or anytime. Moreover, the best online casinos in Canada and the world’s top software companies have their software available across platforms, from Windows to Android and iOS. Thus, gambling on online slots is very accessible.

2. Convenience

The comfort offered by online gambling is one of the top advantages. You are not required to leave your home, drive to the nearest brick and mortar casino in order to gamble. You have completely more numerous varieties of online slots in online casinos, compared to the land-based ones, and the games are just one click away. You can choose your favourite games from literally anywhere in the world and you save time and money by accessing your favourite online casino, or online slots, without the hustle and bustle. There is also an impressive number of table games offered online, which is physically impossible to offer in a land-based casino. A brick and mortar casino can only fit in so many table games and slots.

3. Save money

Have you ever thought that when playing in a brick and mortar casino, you spend far more money than your gambling budget? You will have to spend money on fuel to drive there, or public transportation tickets, you will need to probably pay highway taxes, you will need to buy yourself food and drinks and so on. If you need to travel to a certain casino, which might be in another city or country, you will need to consider accommodation as well. All these add up and multiply your gambling budget several times.

This is not the case with online gambling, as you do not have travelling expenses involved. You can stay in your gambling budget or, if you consider it wise, raise the upper limit of your budget for not having to spend on other facilities.

4. Save time

When you want to gamble in a land-based casino you need to take into consideration its opening hours, as well as the time it will take you to get there. In addition, if you are going to travel to another city or country you will probably have to take some time off from work. Things become much simpler and easier when you play online slots, as you do not need to leave the place you are in to do so. In addition, you can gamble on multiple devices, you can access multiple games at the same time and you can access multiple online casinos.

5. 24/7 gambling

An online casino is available 24/7, no matter what. Therefore, you can play your favourite online slot even in the middle of the night, or in the middle of the day. You have no restrictions when it comes to the casino’s opening hours and your gambling experience can go on as much as you like. The time you spend playing online slots is only for you to decide.

6. Information accessibility

When you play online slots, you also benefit from access to all the internet has to offer. This will help you when you research the online casino you like, its bonuses and promotions and what other players have to say about their experience with that particular casino. In addition, you have the possibility to research the company which provides the online slot’s software, as well as the online slot itself. We recommend you benefit from this huge advantage and thoroughly read all the information you need, as this will only help you get a comfortable, easy and fun experience.

7. No dress code required

You probably already know that most land-based casinos have certain rules when it comes to their customer’s dress code. In order to play in a particular casino, you need to be dressed at least decent. But you can forget about fancy clothes when you gamble online. You can dress however you feel like, or even better, don’t dress at all. The intimacy of your home offers you plenty of reasons to relax and play your favourite games however you like, be it in your PJs or wearing nothing at all.

8. Higher quality graphics

No matter the land-based slot you play on, there is no chance to beat high-quality screens of mobile phones. Most of the devices today have HQ screens, which means they are capable to display impressive designs and graphics, with bursting colours. Another advantage is that devices today have high responsiveness. All these aspects place online slots higher than land-based slots in terms of graphics quality and game responsiveness.

9. Variety of games

There is such a generous variety in terms of online slots, there is no chance you can play them all and get bored. This does not apply to land-based casinos, as it offers a limited number of slots to play. Online slots come in all forms and shapes to choose from, as you have multiple themes to indulge in. You will also benefit from multiple choices in terms of pay lines, gameplay, jackpot and others. Moreover, you have the chance to choose your online casino according to their bonuses and promotions and create a truly personalised experience.

10. Higher winning potential

If you play real money online slots in Canada, you have the chance to win real money prizes. The progressive jackpots offered by the online slots are generally higher than in land-based slots for one good reason: there is a much higher number of players to contribute to the jackpot. Therefore, when playing a progressive jackpot online slot your chances of winning a generous prize are that much higher. Needless to say, you can play multiple progressive jackpot online slots at the same time, saving you time and increasing your winning chances.