10 great slots inspired by the Asian Culture

Even though real money slots are undeniably one of the most popular forms of online gaming and the preferred pastime of Canadians, one can’t ignore the themes and visual importance of the games. From culture inspired slots to entertainment, sports and pop-culture ones, the multitude of possibilities at everyone’s fingertips is astonishing, to say the least. Nowadays, you have countless opportunities so that your hobby can take any form, shape or color that you may please and prefer at any given moment.

In this article, we’ll take a look at some great real money slots that have Asian Culture-inspired themes that will completely immerse you into the Chinese mentality and feel. Each of these games has been selected for a review based on popularity, bonuses, possibilities, and high-paying maximum amounts so that you can make an informed decision and enjoy your experience at the fullest.

1.    Tiger and Dragon

Always been a fan of the Chinese culture and its amazing mythology? If the answer is yes, then this game has the perfect theme and structure for you! Immerse yourself on a highly emotional adventure that involves mighty white tigers and scary dragons. Fight them or stand by their side on the mighty Chinese wall, as you power your way through the Chinese landscape.

One of the best real money slots out there comes with symbol blockers and cascading ones, mini-games, a roulette game, round increasing multipliers, and free spin rounds.

Even more impressive are the numbers of your potential win, the maximum amount sitting at a staggering 20,000 times the stake. Even more impressive than the even more impressive, the free spins Feature Guarantee offers you an extra five free spins if your total win is below 10x your bet.

Its incredible potential is certified by the astonishing number of 1,000,000 winning ways, available on the 6×10 reels.

The betting range is between 0.20-35 $/ spin, the later opening the 1,000,000 ‘’ways to win’’ possibility on every round.

2.    Supreme Fortune

When you think about Chinese-inspired themes for slots, you undoubtedly think about wealthy men, dragons, ancient creatures, country rulers covered in gold and paper scrolls messages. In this area, Supreme Fortune surely does not disappoint. After all, if you’re interested in real money slots, you might as well play one that endorses riches and wealthy men, right?

With 5 reels, 20 pay lines, a betting range of 0.2-50 $ and a whopping maximum jackpot of 1,000,000 $, Supreme Fortune can really turn you into a very lucky and wealthy Chinese culture admirer.

Even though the game has wild symbols, scatters, 8x multipliers and free spins, you can even win a maximum of 50,000 $ from simple combinations, without any kind of mini-games or bonuses.

With a limited amount of lines, the regular combinations that can be formed offer a maximum win of 6,250 $. If you’re taking all of the 20 lines into consideration, then your maximum win amount will go up to an astonishing 125,000 $ for a single spin, without any bonuses.

3.    Pearl of the Orient

Another entry in the Chinese-culture, gorgeous-looking themes, Pearl of the Orient focuses on gold and wealth a lot, making players really feel like they’re in for a ride that will involve multiple bonuses and a big win at the end of the session. Theme-wise, ‘’the Pearl’’ has it all, it’s a central element, as well as the Princess, gold lions, gold ingots and coins, secret red envelopes and mysterious paper scrolls being some of the main visual actors.

With a good RTP, set at a more than welcoming 95.97%, a betting range that has its minimum limit at 0.10 and its maximum at 100/spin and its maximum jackpot at 50,000 $, the Pearl of the Orient is sure to be one of your favorite Chinese-themed games.

As the maximum jackpot is set at 500x the maximum stake, the numbers may not seem that great, but taking into consideration the high RTP, this game is set to pay off in the long run. Real money slots should really mean ‘’real money’’, right? Then get your chance at the 50,000 $ jackpot.

4.    3888 Ways of The Dragon Slot Machine

If you’re a fan of the Chinese culture, you’ll have no problem of recognizing the theme in one of the most popular real money slots in the genre. The theme layout, though, is quite different and impressive, as it will deliver mythical dragons, gold coins, golden frogs and the well-known paper lanterns, all on an animated, lively-colored background.

3888 is not just a name, as the pokie actually tells you how many ways you have of winning at each and every single spin. The unusual and impressive layout assures that, even though it has quite an unconventional 5-reel theme, you’ll get your more-than-fair chance at a big payout.

As your wager range can vary between 0.30 and 30 $, your winnings can exceed reasonable imagination, with a maximum amount of 388,800 $ for a single round.

Armed with various features that include free spins, scatters, dragon spins and a multitude of wilds, this Asian-inspired slot will surely satisfy your thirst for big payouts.

5. Fu Cai Shen

Real money slots are all about fortune, right? Well, then what can be more enticing than a theme with the God of Fortune itself? Sitting in the top paying position, He is capable of creating a multitude of winning combinations alone, without any wilds or other symbols. As you can imagine, a theme with its central figure being the God of Prosperity Himself will be riddled with gold and red velvet bags, two central components in the Chinese culture.

A 3-reel slot machine, Fu Cai Shen is capable of awarding a maximum payout of 2,000x the stake, meaning that you can win big and even score the 100,000 $ prize at a single spin!

With a betting range standing at between 0.10 and 50 $, Fu Cai Shen is a true classic, specially designed for old school players with simple, but consistent and meaningful tastes.

Have a go, play real money slots with real winning opportunities!

6. Shaolin Spin

Embark on your quest for enlightenment with the very best monks and Shaolin warriors. Get your kung-fu on and maybe hit the jackpot while you’re doing it. The new slot from iSoftBet is a 5-reel, 243 ways to win visual marvel that you won’t regret playing. With awesome 3d effects, nunchucks, giant temples, bearded masters, ying-yang signs and of course, lots of gold, you get your dose of entertainment and beautiful visuals, on top of the opportunity to relax and maybe score some cash.

While most of the real money slots today offer bonuses of 10 or 15 free spins, Shaolin Spin offers no less than 20, with a possible multiplier of 3x, so you have more chances of success.

With a wide coins rage between 0.25-12.50 $ and a generous number of free spins, this real money pokie really could mean real money! Although the slot is not overcrowded when it comes to extra features, the overall feel of a true classic, not to mention the popular soundtrack that includes soundtracks of most of the Bruce Lee movies can really entice a classic-feel loving, original slots players. After all, real money slots are a fight for cash, right?

7. 9 lions

A classic of both the real money slots and its genre, 9 lions is a 3×3 slot with a lot of advantages and stunning visuals. As is the case with most Chinese-themed online slots, 9 lions heavily use red and gold, but does that in a manner and making use of such a vivid 3d background that it doesn’t even bother you, yet it sets you back in the golden ages of the Chinese empire.

A lot different than most of the other real money slots out there, 9 lions pays for at least 4 and up to 9 symbols, thus not requiring any pay lines. Your prize for landing 4 symbols can range from between 1x and 15x your bet, while the big payout for landing a board full of the dragon symbol could mean 500x your bet!

You can also choose what symbols to hold for the next spin, as others will be highlighted and automatically held. This can be a big difference that can change the outcome of every session, based on the player decisions and calculations.

8. The Fortune Pig

The year of the Pig just started, and you get to take a front seat and win some money with one of the best real money slots out there. The colorful theme, not to mention the grand visual elements, both 2d and 3d, including temples, dragons, golden drums or trees full of money really offer a big plus for the Chinese culture lover.

With 5 reels and 25 active lines, this colorful slot has bonus and re-spins, wilds upon wilds and even synced reels, all of them bringing you a step closer to the maximum win of 500x the stake.

The betting range is quite a generous one, ranging from 0.25 to 25, not to mention the various winning combinations, that can, putting the wild symbols aside, win you up to 20x the stake.

Real money slots are both a pastime and a hunt for the big jackpot, but who says that you can’t or mustn’t enjoy some beautiful graphics and classic Chinese atmosphere while you’re at it?

9. The Dalai Panda

What can you get if you combine the focus and calmness of Dalai Lama, the mysterious stories of the Chinese culture and the funny, but mighty Panda Bear? Obviously, a beautifully-themed gem of the real money slots genre.

With a very high RTP of 96.05% and a generous betting range of 0.30-30 $, this graphical marvel is one real money slots gem you can’t afford to miss, especially if you’re an admirer of the Chinese-culture.

With 2 sets of 3×3 reels available and a whopping total of 729 total ways to win, not to mention the free spins multiple options, expanding wilds and multipliers, this entry in the real money slots really is a gem to behold.

Trigger the free spins bonus, get 6 reels with 729 paying ways and 2x multiplier and get your opportunity now!

10. Red Dragon Wild

Feel the rage of the Dragon with this classical Chinese-culture martial arts pokie. With a classic, old-school original look and feel to it, this new 5 reel, 30 pay line slot from iSoftBet has a betting range of 0.30-7.50 $ and a bonus free spins mode that allows you to win up to 25 free spins.

In addition to that, the Dragon Wild and Extended Wild features complete the diverse palette of bonuses and winning ways that Red Dragon Wild provides, elements that only come as second to the Copy Wild and warrior show bonus game.

The Asian themed temple background that includes nunchucks, swords, ninja stars and of course, dragons and lots of fire will offer you the opportunity to relax and win some cash in a mythical Chinese atmosphere. As diverse in graphics and features as these games are, there is definitely something to be said for the overall feel and vibe of the ancient Chinese culture, the one we’ve only been seeing in movies and games, but are finally able to experience in a more relaxed and lucrative way .